Friday, February 10, 2012

Get oughtah’ town wit’ yo’ bad-self, now, Torn Slatterns and Nugget Ranchers

Prop 8, the California ban on gay marriage, was ruled unconstitutional. In San Francisco, men ripped off their shirts, hugged and danced in the streets. When asked how long they will celebrate the defeat of 8, one man said; “What defeat of 8?”

A company in Chicago has made a beer that tastes like pizza. Great news, guys, now you can drink a girl pretty and skinny while you get fatter and uglier.

Since you asked:

Things that keep Lex up at night: If Wile E.Coyote has all that money for mail-order gear from Acme, why does he have to eat the poor little Road Runner?

Saw the “HBO” documentary, “Namath” and I was really impressed.

The first thing is what an amazing athlete young Joe Willy Namath was at basketball and baseball. The Chicago Cubs wanted to sign him out of high school for $50,000 which was amazing considering the time and how cheap the Wrigleys were.

At Alabama, there are runs by Namath that look downright Jim Brown-like. And he had jump passes where he had to be three feet up in the air.

The next thing that struck me was how tough Namath was. He could not only take a beating – some of the then-legal hits on Namath would get a player suspended today - but he could dish hits out.

The other thing I didn’t realize was how young Joe was when he was dealing with all of this. A shattered knee his Senior year, a $400,000 NFL contract when $20,000 was considered huge, dating movie stars, filming commercials, making movies. All done with seemingly effortless grace and charm.

What struck me the most is Joseph William Namath truly and honestly believes he is just a regular guy who got lucky. No pretense, no false modesty. He believes that.

He could not be more wrong.

Joe Namath is one of those National iconic treasures who transcend sports to become a historical figure. Like Babe Ruth, Jackie Robinson, Jesse Owens, Red Grange, Mickey Mantle, Arnold Palmer. Granted, they get an assist from being in a unique place at a unique time. Carl Lewis was a great athlete, but he will never get anywhere close in status to Jesse Owens.

Better yet as an example, Tiger Woods is probably the most-talented golfer who ever lived. His legacy compared to Arnold Palmer or Jack Nicklaus? Please. Tiger is a punch line to d*ck jokes.

Here was my final thought. When they brought Joe back to be with his high school teammates recently, the man looked pretty damn good. Some of his teammates were way worse for the wear. Granted, living in Beaver Falls and working in a steel mill is a tough hang.

But considering two destroyed knees, the oceans of booze, babes and even cigarettes and chewing tobacco, Joe Namath has himself some strong genes.

And Namath quite probably saved the AFL which, in turn, made the NFL what it is.