Sunday, November 20, 2011

Took this in case somebody wanted to see what a bad dog looks like. Poor Mister Wrigley, he almost broke my heart last night. He yelps to come in like he is in pain. When I went outside to tell him to be quiet, he gave me the most sad, pleading, pathetic look. Since Kasey died he has decided that if he isn't eating, sleeping or getting cuddled, he is going to whine.

Honeymoon scenes had to be edited from "Breaking Dawn" because Kristen Stewart acted out having sex too realistically. First time ever the words Kristen Stewart and acted realistically have ever been combined.

Since you asked:
Lord, I cannot stand that Kristen Stewart. Here is a horrible, horrible actress who has won the greatest movie star lottery in history and in every interview she acts like a spoiled-rotten 13-year-old goth-brat who has to babysit against her will.