Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What? It's a guy trying to help a kid? Oh, see, I didn't see that girl up there. (Click-on to enlarge. Wha? Enlarge the picture, you are sick)

This just in (so to speak)

Two doctors have published a book, "Stuck Up" featuring pictures and x-rays of various items stuck up people's rectums. This kind of story is right up my alley. Wait, that didn't sound right.

There is an entire chapter devoted exclusively to the Kardashian family.

The best part of "Stuck Up"? The excuses. "See, it was Thursday night, which we all know is naked bowling night, and this one pin just . . ."

"We have this banana tree in our backyard next to our swing set, and, well, silly me, I was swinging naked and . . ."

"Honey, have you seen my rolling pin? I can't find it anywhere."

"The good news, sir? We found your car keys."

"Rectum? Hell, it almost killed him." Sorry, old joke.