Sunday, September 04, 2011

Vanina Walsh surfing on her stand up paddle board

So nice good I had to put this up again.

We takin' it down, we takin' it down to Fish Taco Town, Torn Slatterns and Nugget Ranchers

A New Mexico State Trooper was caught on camera having sex with a woman on the hood of a car. He claims he was just drilling her on the penal code.

The officer claims it was just a case of really thorough frisking.

Nice try, officer, but nobody is buying your story of trying to help her buff the hood of her car

Last week, San Diego closed a two-mile stretch of Mission Beach due to a great white shark sighting. Turns out the shark was just visiting, he practices entertainment law in Century City.

Is it just me or do President Barack Obama and Speaker John Boehner resemble the older bickering gay couple arguing over which was a better musical, “Singing in the Rain” or “West Side Story”?

The Daily Beast ranked the least rigorous colleges and USC was near the top. To give you an idea how easy USC is, remember a year ago those two students caught having sex on the rooftop? That act qualified them to graduate with dual degrees in sex education and outdoor recreation.

Oxygen is cancelling “The World According to Paris.” Paris’s Q rating – which ranks celebrity marketability to advertisers – is actually a negative number. Which means Paris’s Q score is even lower than Paris’s IQ score. Hard to believe.

Since you asked:
Both proud and slightly ashamed to say, after a weekend full of high wave warnings and closed beaches due to shark sightings, I got in the ocean this Labor Day weekend at La Jolla Shores. The waves had died down to four to five footers, but the water was really cold, and I did not know that. It was 58, and I had no wetsuit. Plus it was really choppy. Man, it was a work out.

Note to self: when there are no other stand up paddle boarders out, there is definitely a good reason. After about 40 minutes it started to rain and I officially called “No joy” and came in. As I consider each session at least an hour-long work out, I decided to go crazy and run for an additional 20 minutes.

Three nice picnics/parties this weekend. Cubs had a good win against the Reds.

Go, Cubs, go, go Cubs go
Hey, Chicago, whadya say?
The Cubs are gonna win today.

When did so many hot, hot, hot babes start going to Cubs games?