Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wrigley is our very own Thurber dog. Thurber said he gave his cartoon dogs the expression of a young man on the way to a social event he didn't want to go to.

So now tropical storm Katia is building. No lie, I dated a Katia in Santa Barbara. Her real name was Katie, but she changed it to Katia to appear more exotic. It was like putting a racing stripe on a rusty Yugo.

You have a good idea a relationship might not be going right when the third date was to visit Katia's father in prison. So, East Coast, prepare to have your favorite t-shirt stolen, your Heineken mirror shattered by your favorite coffee cup and your car keyed after an ugly break up.

Is it just me or do Mitt Romeny and Rick Perry look like the print ad for Viagra targeting older gay men?

Think maybe that hot dog I ate for lunch may have passed its expiration date. Since eating it I have felt like a homeless person eating out of the trash bin behind the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant's cafeteria.