Friday, September 02, 2011

New Mexico State Trooper caught on camera having sex with a woman on top of her car. But if you ask me, she's the real trooper here.

He claims he was just drilling her on the penal code.

Not sure what his rank was, but I am guessing Staff Sergeant.

Not sure what her car was, but I am guessing Mercedes Benz-over.

Since you asked:

Think of all the things we can now now thanks to cell phones, computers and web sites and digital advancement and improvement in transportation that only the filthy, filthy rich could afford 40 years ago. 40 isn't that long ago. 40-year-old guys still play professional sports.

Having access to and owning thousands and thousands of books and songs.

Watching any movie you want in your home on a big screen whenever you want to

Being able to access a powerful computer

Talking on a phone in a car

Being able to shop from home

Any kind of great food delivered right to to your house

Going to Europe

Having a time piece that was accurate to the split second

Being able to talk to someone face-to-face thousands of miles away using screens.

Instant access to the very best in medical equipment.