Tuesday, September 17, 2002

By Cri- key, Torn Slatterns and Nugget Ranchers, a bit more choke and it would've started

Due to weak earnings, MacDonald’s stock dropped today. To give you an idea, the stock dropped faster than your cholesterol would if you stopped eating at MacDonalds.

President Bush decried the lack of history knowledge by kids in the U.S. This coming from the guy who thinks Apollo 11 was a Rocky sequel.

San Diego Chargers safety Rodney Harrison has a groin injury. I love it when announcers describe a groin injury with the expression “he has a groin.” Well I hope he has a groin or he won’t know when to stop pulling up his pants.

The Philadelphia Eagles shut down the Washington Redskins at home on Monday Night Football” 37-7. The Redskins were so anemic, they went from the Fun ‘N Gun offense to the Grunt N’ Punt.

Actor Nick Nolti was arrested in Malibu after his car reportedly swerved across four lanes. He was charged with drunk driving, reckless driving and impersonating Jason Priestly.