Thursday, February 14, 2002

OK, I feel a little bit bad about beating up the French due to that snotty and incompetent figure skating judge. Why is it so fun to beat up on the Gaelic friends? Their economy is smaller than California's, they haven't contributed to anything culturally since escargot, and they are staying way ahead of the rudeness curve while continuing their poor hygiene habits. So why beat a cheval mort? (Dead horse)

Simple. Torn Whores and Nugget Ranchers, there is no greater sin than snootiness, and a lot of the French are snooty beyond justification. We all know some amazingly gifted and successful people who aren’t snotty, so there is no excuse. I can hardly wait until I am amazingly successful so I can not be snotty. Right now I am not snotty because I don’t have one single reason to be snotty, but I am working on it. I can hardly wait until I hit it big and I have to struggle to not be snotty.

Any of you folks ever been to Marin County, north of San Francisco? A beautiful place, an expensive place and an absolute breeding ground of snotty people. Maybe it’s because they live near wineries so they think they are French, maybe it’s because two bedroom ranch houses cost millions of dollars, but Marin county is unforgivably snotty.

We live in a nice area north of San Diego. On a visit to San Rafael , a town in Marin, we were at a party and somebody asked me where I lived. When I told them, they looked at me with pity and then replied; “Uh, well, that’s OK.” Like it wasn’t my fault I lived in a such a hole. These people are even snotty to themselves. This woman from San Rafael sniffed; “I can’t understand why anyone would live in Mill Valley” –an artsy town closer to the coast than San Rafael- “it is so unbearably foggy and damp.” At the same party I heard this guy from Mill Valley say “I don’t know how they live here in San Rafael, it is so unbearably hot.”

So that is our message for the day, folks, don’t be snotty. If you think the car you drive or the clothes you wear, or the house or neighborhood in which you live makes you better than other people, you are probably living a half an hour away from San Francisco.