Thursday, January 12, 2017

"For the last time, Mr. Trump, the girls cannot give you a golden doodle. A golden doodle is a type of dog."

**** The US indicted six Volkswagen executives in their emissions scam. Turns out the company that made cars for Adolf Hitler was not as trustworthy as we thought.

**** In light of the recent Donald Trump rumor, Pornhub reveals the term golden showers is searched the most by New England states. It seems New England fans know how to put the P in Patriots.

**** Bella Hadid unfollowed Selena Gomez on Instagram after she saw the singer kissing The Weekend. And that is this week’s story my Aunt Trudy will not understand. 

**** The San Diego Chargers are moving up to Los Angeles. Of course they’ll play football. But eventually they want to achieve their dream: to direct.

**** The good news for Orca lovers is SeaWorld San Diego has cancelled the killer whale shows. The bad news for Orca lovers? SeaWorld is now offering “Mystery Sushi” in bulk.