Sunday, December 06, 2015

Coasty, coasty, coasty, Torn Slatterns and Nugget Ranchers

Morgan Freeman is OK after his jet crash-landed in Mississippi after blowing a tire. It did get ugly when the other passengers had to tell Morgan to stop narrating the crash. 

Donald Trump demanded $5 mil. from CNN for the next debate, but now he said he will do it for free. Finally we get to see some of that incredible four-bankruptcy negotiating skills.

In Las Vegas, you can place bets on the eventual name of Kim Kardashian’s baby. Not getting a lot of betting action are the names Isis, Bieber and Cosby. 

When they asked Kylie Jenner for a comment about Kim Kardashian’s baby she said she had nothing to say. Apparently Kylie and Kim’s relationship is scarier than Caitlyn Jenner driving to a shoe sale. 

Kim Kardashian and Kanye had a baby boy. It was awkward when they asked Kim if the baby was born Cesarean and she said “No, I’m Armenian.” 

Since you asked:

Anytime I am about to criticize someone’s appearance, besides Trump, I just have to think back to around 1978/79 when I was 18/19 and arguably the fittest and most attractive I would ever be. My body fat was so low, people who walked by me had their body fat go down. 

Starting with the feet, calf-high tube socks with the three green stripes. Thick rubber crepe-souled platform-like shoes with blue suede and rings for eyelits that Elton John would not wear. The pants were skin-tight, thin, light blue denim low-riding hip-huggers with huge elephant bell bottoms. A polyester/velour red-white and blue shirt with a zipper collar that was so short when I raised my arms it was a midriff top. My hair was shoulder-length blonde with bangs in what we would now call a mullet. 

At the time I was going for Robert Plant meets the Eagles. What I ended up with was Miss Bobby Potted-Fern and the Beagles.