Tuesday, October 02, 2018

During the Chiefs win over the Broncos, an official, whose only job is to watch the play clock, blew a call on the play clock. 

That's like getting hired for a job and the only requirement is to not wear a blue hat and showing up in a blue hat.

In Minnesota's loss to the Rams, Viking long snapper Kevin McDermott lost the tip of his pinky finger, got it sewn-up and kept playing. Soccer players leave on a stretcher if their man-bun comes undone.

After a 162 game season, the Chicago Cubs have to play two win-or-die games to make the playoffs. That's like having all summer to do your science project and showing up to school with twig with a leaf on it.

Donald Trump insulted a female reporter by saying she never thinks. That is like having Eric Trump tell you you never do quantum physics.