Tuesday, April 03, 2018

I can handle things, I'm smart. Not like everybody says, I'm dumb. I'm smart and I want respect, Torn Slattern and Nugget Ranchers

The latest stupid trend is Condom Snorting. People snort a condom up their nose and remove it from their mouth. Or as it is also known, practicing safe idiocy.

Donald Trump fired his second top appointee by Twitter. When Trump hosted “The Apprentice,” he fired people by using a hand gesture called “The Cobra.” When he fires by Twitter, it’s called “The Slimy Worm.” 

102-year-old, Julia “Hurricane,” Hawkins, set the Over-100 record for 60 meters. This shattered the old Over-100 record for 60 meters: 50 meters.  

A South African minister was bitten in the buttocks by a lion after trying to prove god would protect him. That story again, a lion was treated for nausea after tasting moron-ass. 

102-year-old, Julia “Hurricane” Hawkins, set the Over-100 record for 60 meters. Better luck next time, Cher.

The latest stupid trend at parties is Condom Snorting. They snort a condom up their nose and remove it from their mouth. So take that, people who doubted millennials.

Since you asked:

It is striking the similarities between the mass shooting at Parkland by Nikolas Cruz and the mass shooting here in San Diego at Santana High by Andy Williams in 2001.

But the most striking thing was the difference between the two shootings. The first was done by a pistol, the second by an AR 15. 

Both shooters were bullied losers who were so entitled - yes, there is that word again - they felt justified in killing the people who were mean to them. They both had it pounded into their heads, by well-intended people, that verbal abuse was tantamount to physical abuse, thus they felt justified in killing their verbal abusers.

Verbal abuse is not, repeat, not as bad as physical abuse. Anyone who teaches differently, no matter how good the intention, is wrong. Common sense tells us so.

Luckily for the children of Santana High, the shooter, Williams, only had a pistol. The difference between a pistol and an automatic weapon in these examples is: two killed 15 wounded in 20minutes by a pistol at Santana High, in Parkland, 17 killed 14 wounded in six minutes by an AR 15.

What I found so disturbing about the Santana shooting, besides the killings, was how the press marketed and changed the story to make it more slick and interesting. They sold it as an affluent San Diego high school where a sweet, little kid was bullied by the big mean jocks.

Neither was remotely true. Santana High is not affluent, it is a rural high school with drug, violence and gang problems. Andy Williams was a loser, druggy skateboarder who was bullied by his fellow loser, druggy skateboarders. (No, not all skateboarders are druggy losers, but in this case, they were) 

Apparently the sound of a little kid in a plush area getting picked on by mean football players sold better than the truth of a son of a meth-whore who picked up one of her mom's boyfriend's guns to get back at the dirtbags who stole his skateboard. 

The most significant difference between Parkland and Santana is the firepower the two losers used.  

We cannot stop a-holes who want to kill their enemies from being a-holes who want to kill their enemies. What we can do is take away their ability to kill over a dozen people in a few minutes with an AR 15. 

But, once again, if the NRA can justify 20 six-year-olds getting slaughtered by an automatic weapon used by a nut-job, like they did at Sandy Hook, they can justify anything. 

On a lighter note:

Has due-diligence been done to assure that the band Better Than Ezra is actually better than Ezra? If they are not? What an injustice to Ezra.

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