Thursday, February 15, 2018

My favorite part of Valentine’s Day is when Martha Stewart shows us how she used a shiv to make heart-shaped cuts in prison snitches.

A second “Charles in Charge” star, Alexander Polinski, is charging Scott Baio with sexual abuse. “This is huge news,” said the year 1990. 

In South Africa, lions killed a poacher eating everything but his head. And the craziest part? The lions took a picture with the head and sent it to Eric and Donald Trump Jr.

There is an axe-throwing bar in Boston. Personally, I don’t think people should be boozing while throwing a heavy sharp blade attached to a handle, but that is not my axe to grind.

There is an axe-throwing bar in Boston. For a great time, go to the axe-throwing bar on Whisky and Machine Gun Night. 

At the Olympics, a Frenchman, Martin Fourcade, won the Biathlon Pursuit. Who would have guessed a guy from France would be so good at shooting and then getting away quickly?

A lawsuit claims Harvey Weinstein made assistants administer erectile dysfunction injections. The assistants felt mislead when Weinstein told them he would give them a raise.

Since you asked:

It is going to be easy to spot the good guys from the bad guys from now on, especially politicians. They're either for getting rid of AR 15's, or they're not. It is that simple.