Thursday, February 16, 2017

Tough time in sports. Super Bowl is over, the NBA, NHL playoffs, NCAA tournament and baseball are in the spring and Tiger Woods is in-between postponing comebacks.

At the Westminster Dog Show, “Best in Show” was won by a German shepherd named Rumor. You know a dog has a weird name when he has the same name as one of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore’s kids.

Kim Jong Un had his estranged brother killed, Kim Jong Nam. This makes his other estranged brother quite nervous, Kim Jong Wilbur. 

This Russian spy scandal is serious. They asked new education sec., Betsy DeVos, what she thought about all of this covert espionage, she said she doesn’t speak French.

It looks like Trump counselor, Kellyanne Conway, is on her way out. She’ll have to go back to being the stressed-out, sick mom in the cold medicine commercials.

National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, resigned after just 24 days. 24 days is only long for a hickey.  

This Russian spy scandal is serious. When asked how many people are connected in the Trump White House, an anonymous source said, “It casts a wide Nyet.”

Kim Jong Un had his half-brother killed by a poison rag. I’m afraid, of the things we want North Korea to stop, eating dogs is further down the list than we thought.

Spence Stew Tasked;

Always been a big fan of the Alex Baze. Here are just a few of his hilarious Tweets:

I hope you’re using all the time you save by saying “totes” instead of a “totally” to learn a trade.

I like how we say “vegan” now instead of “eating disorder”.

“Here comes Honey Boo Boo,” whispered a meth dealer in 2019.

This coffee is so strong it just raised 5 children on a nurse’s salary.