Monday, May 02, 2016

Ex- Raven, Ray Lewis’s son, Ray Lewis III, is charged with sexual assault. As Ray Lewis’s son, Ray III has not found it easy to hack it, but he is taking a stab at it. 

“Live! with Kelly and Michael”  Kelly Ripa used her two-day tantrum/absence to get a raise in her $20 mil-a-year salary and now the show has been nominated for an Emmy. What’s it called when the rest of us leave a job without permission for two days? Oh, right, getting fired. 

Since you asked:

My unimpeachable sources tell me there are no good guys in the fascinating Strahan/Ripa cluster-hump. 

As we have learned through Charlie Sheen, we viewers can put up with an ungodly amount of bad behavior from our stars including vast amounts of drugs and booze, hookers and porn stars. 

What we cannot put up with is hypocrisy.

Apparently the hypocrisy at "Live! with Kelly and Michael" is off the charts. Strahan, like Ripa, is such a surly diva off-screen they have to bring in studio audiences just for him to act civil during off-air recordings for affiliates and commercials. 

Have I ever watched a single second of "Live! with Kelly and Michael"? No, but I am fascinated nonetheless because I see Strahan on "Fox NFL Sunday" and Kelly used to be a regular on "The Late Show with David Letterman." On both my B.S. meter on their phony bubbly on-air personalities was off the charts. 

What is amazing is both of these ass-munching diva clowns, Ripa and Strahan, are clearing tens of millions of dollars a year each. 

That is Kardashian-like talentless money. 

A little ditty about Hank and Darlene . . . 

The Michael/Kelly diva-fest reminds me of: 

One the best things about Garry Shandling’s great “The Larry Sanders Show” was their unabashed ripping of bloated, pompous, self-important celebrities. 

Jeffery Tambor’s sidekick character, Hank “Hey now” Kingsley, aka the Hankinator, absolutely oozed with Vince Vaughn/Sammy Davis Jr.-levels of Hollywood egomania and too-hip insincere sincerity. “Love youuuu. You’re a down cat and I mean that, babe. Don't you ever go changing.”

In one scene, Hank’s gorgeous assistant, Darlene, was in Hank's office reviewing Hank’s demands for appearing at a charity fundraiser. Hank was reclining on his couch spooning himself  frozen yogurt when, in between mouthfuls, he says;

“So why aren’t they flying me out in a private jet?” Darlene replies sweetly;

“They want to keep some of the money for the children with cancer.”

Then Darlene lists the rest of Hank’s demands including flying out first class, a limo at the airport to his luxury suite stocked with the pink champagne on ice. Honor bar, massage, room service and in-room porn included. (It was the '90's)

At this point, Hank looks off dreamily and says without a trace of sarcasm;

“It really feels good to give back to the community.”