Monday, April 11, 2016

People who logged on to Kylie Jenner’s cosmetics site were able to access other customer’s orders. We can only hope and pray ISIS does not use that information against us. 

Two of Donald Trump’s children, Eric and Ivanka, did not register in time to vote for their father. It is shocking to me they didn’t take the time to combover and register. I mean come over and register.

(By the way, if I was ever going to make a movie starring a flesh-eating robot, Eric Trump would be the guy)

One of the players on the Masters Leaderboard is named Smylie Kaufman. And his younger brother is named Lucky. How did they get those names? Ask their older brother, Bong. 


Normally I go by Jay Leno/Mafia rule of comedy: do not go after wives and children. But Donald Trump is such a repugnant vomitious swamp beast, I feel the bets are off. 

Did anyone else see “Birdman” and think it was a self-indulgent, actory, artiste mutual circle-stroking squack-fest? Nobody, and I cannot emphasize this enough, nobody cares how hard it is to make a movie or how much pressure there is in getting those long-takes right. Nobody. 

Individually the actors are all great, but this was a ponderous theatrical pump-humping exercise in showing us all how strong the director,Alejandro González Iñárritu, is. Not just three names, but two of them are impossible to pronounce.