Sunday, April 10, 2016

No matter how much they tried to spin him from unpopularity on “60 Minutes,” Bubba “I’m afraid of stuff” Watson is still an utter tool.

On the tenth hole Saturday at the Masters, Bubba hits it into the woods. Needing someone to blame - his caddy was busy doing something else - Bubba scolds a patron to get out of his way saying, “You’re really not supposed to be back here.” And the guy scorches Bubba with, “Neither is your ball.” 

So does Bubba give the guy props, or even better, shut his burnt pie hole? No, he admonishes the guy by reminding him that, he, Bubba has two ugly-ass green jackets. 

What a tool. 

The golfers at the Masters have been enduring high winds. “That must be horrible,” said the US Marine bomb disposal crews in Afghanistan. 

200 Victoria Secret employees are getting laid off. This marks the first time the words “Victoria Secret” and “getting laid” have been a bad thing. 

North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-Un, who has ballooned to 300 pounds, claims to have a nuclear missile that could reach the US. This from a guy who cannot reach his own shoes.

 Or as North Koreans call the nuclear missile: still not food. 

“The Daily IQ” listed 10 sex scandals that have rocked ESPN. Apparently ESPN stands for the Especially Stupid Penises Network.