Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A woman who looks just like Ted Cruz in drag will star in a porn film. The title of the porn film is “Goodbye Erection.”

A judge ruled the fraud lawsuit against Trump University will go to trial. They have a good case against Trump U. The school’s team mascot is The Scamming Bernie Madoffs. 

Donald Trump is food-shaming John Kasich. Trump ordered an $85 steak well-done. Trump cannot food-shame a hyaena gorging on a rotting yak. 

A Pennsylvania restaurant has created a pizza inspired by Hillary Clinton. One thing we know for sure is Bill Clinton will never eat it. 

A Pennsylvania restaurant has created a Hillary Clinton pizza. The Hillary Clinton pizza is $19.99 for a large. But if you have it delivered to your company, it has a $600,000 speaking fee. 

Beyonce’s album “Lemonade” is about Jay Z cheating on her. Have you seen Beyonce? Have you seen Jay Z? That is like a hot dog cheating on lobster.