Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Donald Trump’s victory speech featured an awkward-looking Chris Christie standing behind Trump. Christie looked like he was being shamed by Principal Trump for stealing donuts from the cafeteria. 

Since you asked:

Here it is several days after the Oscars and the one enduring miracle of that night is that Chris Rock was able to sell $2,500 worth of Girl Scout cookies to the cheapest, freeloading rich people in the world. These people pull no coin. Mogul, Harvey Weinstein, yanked out a dusty $20 he earned in 1992’s “The Crying Game,” and demanded change.

Ah, the Oscars. Nothing like hearing the crowd who deafeningly applauded 13-year-old-girl rapist, Roman Polanski, also applaud “Spotlight.” 

Same rich crowd who condemns greed in “The Big Short” who would not be there if their studio had not paid for their limo and a designer given them their clothes. The same crowd condemning greed who doesn’t blink when they collect a $200,000 goody bag. 

Nothing like being lectured on the hazards of global warming from a guy, Leonardo DiCaprio, who flies in super models by the dozen in his helicopter to his yacht. 

Hollywood. You cannot spell it without the letters in Hypocrisy. Except for the P. And C, I and S. But you need the H, Y, O.