Tuesday, March 01, 2016

A beauty products company mistook a picture of Whoopie Goldberg for Oprah on Twitter. That company just got a giant can of Whooprah opened on their ass. 

A tennis match in Brazil employed shelter dogs as ball boys. The dogs were great at getting the balls, but they would not give them up. So clearly none of the dogs were named Cam or Newton. 

Howard Stern pranked a sports radio show with a fake Peyton Manning. The fake Peyton Manning was not convincing. He did not try and pimp Budweiser, Papa John’s, Nationwide or Gatorade. 

A judge refused to throw out a $40 mil. fraud lawsuit by students against Donald Trump’s Trump University. A spokesperson for Trump University said the lawsuit has no merit and that they teachify students right goodly.

The last batch of Hillary Clinton’s emails were released online today. Nothing much was revealed other than Hillary’s constant Googling of the terms Cankles, Charging-Rhino-thighs and Cackle-laugh. 

The Philadelphia Eagles signed their quarterback, Sam Bradford to a two-year $36 mil. deal. In a related story, Tim Tebow was approved to become an Uber driver.