Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Tim Tebow stopped a fight at the Philadelphia Eagles training camp. He didn’t stop it so much as he raised his arms and the fight parted.

A video has gone viral of candidate, Marco Rubio, accidentally knocking a kid over with a football. To which Donald Trump said; “I told you those Mexicans were violent.”

The big blockbuster, “Straight Out of Compton” is not playing in Compton.  To get to a theater playing “Straight out of Compton,” if you start in Compton, you have to take a right and then a left and then go straight out of Compton.

Donald Trump said he is still opposed to gay marriage. Which is sad for that thing on Trump’s head, Stanley, he wants to marry his partner, Martin the Mongoose.

The Buffalo Bills signed Dolphins bully, Richie Incognito, they signed Geno Smith puncher, IK. Enemkpali, and now they are considering signing elevator fiancé beater, Ray Rice. I’m thinking the Bills in Buffalo Bills are the bills due for bail bonds.

Authorities say there is a growing trend of street gangs confronting their rivals online. They don’t actually fight, but one time a Twitter feud got so nasty, two gangs blocked each other.