Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The boy band, One Direction has broken up. Or as it is known in the music business: the soon-to-be failed-solo-career, pre-reunion tour announcement.

Hall-of-Fame pitcher, Kurt Schilling was removed from ESPN’s coverage of the Little League World Series after Schilling tweeted a meme that compared Muslims to Nazis. To review, Kurt Schilling was fired from ESPN for being stupid.

The boy band, One Direction has broken up. They asked a female fan to comment, she said; 

“The world is over. Life has no meaning. 1D sucks. Who needs them? I’m glad they’re broken up. Please get back together 1D. Whatever.”

Niall Horan of One Direction said the band is not splitting up, they’re on a break. Then Niall said; 

“Wait, what’s that? Really? You get more for the reunion tour if you split up? Yeah, no, we’re split up.”