Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Now it looks like Joe Biden will run. So we will have Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Thank you, comedy gods, I promise I will never ask for another thing.

But would it be pushing it to have Sarah Palin run too?

Rough time for China. They had that explosion in Tianjin, their markets are in free-fall and now their factory workers are organizing to demand play dates with other factory workers.

The stock market is down, but Donald Trump says he knows how to fix your loses. Trump suggests you take out a loan, buy as much stock as you can, and if the stocks go down, declare bankruptcy and fly away in your private helicopter.

A Missouri woman claims she can see Donald Trump’s face in a tub of butter. Of course the butter isn’t as much of a fat head and not quite as oily as the real thing.

The fires in Washington State have hit some wineries. In a related story, next year, Washington State wineries will be offering their first smoke-house, Cajon and BBQ flavored Chardonnays.

Firefighters in the West will be getting deliveries of cans from Anheuser Busch. But they won’t be filled with beer, they’ll be filled with water. “Now you know how we feel,” said Coors Light drinkers.

The market is down 600 points and One Direction broke up. This was a rough week if you’re a teenage girl with a diversified investment portfolio.

The boy band, One Direction broke up. Yeah, they wanted to go in another direction.

The attorneys for French train terrorist, Ayoub el Khazanni, are trying to get him charged as a robber not a terrorist. French attorneys defending a terrorist. Suddenly Subway Jared does not seem so awful.

French attorneys and a terrorist. Who do you pick there? That’s a tough one.

A French attorney and a terrorist. One is a sociopath with no regard for human life and the other is a terrorist.