Friday, August 07, 2015

During the debate, Donald Trump said he bribed Hillary Clinton to be at his wedding. Not as much as he had to bribe his bride, Melania, but he bribed her.

A poll has Eleanor Roosevelt as the top choice to be the woman on the $10. Of course Kanye West thinks it should be Beyonce.

Favorite part of the debate last night was when that thing on Donald Trump’s head stood up and snarled at “Fox News’” Megyn Kelly.

Apparently Carly Fiorina was the winner of the first GOP debate. Which is like being the meth addict with the most teeth.

One of my favorite parts of the debate last night was, no matter what they asked Ohio Gov., John Kasich, his answer was he was on the last committee to balance the budget.

Insiders say Donald Trump’s campaign staff is bitterly divided. But typical Trump will sweep one side over to cover up the troubles of the other.