Tuesday, August 04, 2015

The burger chain, In-N- Out, is being sued for allegedly putting meth in a milk shake. You could tell In-N-Out was catering to meth addicts. Their latest slogan is: 

“Food you can really sink your tooth into.”

The GOP candidates are preparing for their first debate. Donald Trump is giving his notes a comb-over, oh, sorry, a going-over.

A study claims the glamorous life of a frequent flyer is a lie. “Globe-hopping is harder than it sounds,” said Snoop Dog in his private jet as he sipped champagne in his gold bathtub filled with caviar.

The former executive producer of “The Cosby Show,” Tom Warner, said the show was “Kind of tarnished.” That’s like saying the Titanic got kind of wet.

Donald Trump fired his policy advisor for posting racist comments. That’s rough. You know how much Trump hates firing people.

(edgy warning)
Now a Pennsylvania gynecologist, Jan Seski, is being accused of illegally killing a lion in Zimbabwe. You’d think, if there is one occupation that wouldn’t want a giant stuffed pussy mounted on the wall, it would be a gynecologist.

They’re breaking ground in New York for the new National Comedy Center. They had to cancel their plans for the Bill Cosby Women’s Recreational Center.