Thursday, August 06, 2015

No wonder people are more confused than ever.

This is a black woman

This is a white woman

And this is a man who claims he has never sexually attacked any black or white women

Drinking games for tonight’s GOP debate. One game is called Trump where you do a shot every time Trump says Trump. You’ll be Trump-faced in no time.

India has lifter its ban on Internet porn. India outsources their porn to Pakistan where it is older women reading out of a manual:  “Oh . . . baby . . . you are to be doing that to me in a repeated fashion.”

An ABC report claims dogs know when a person is dying and they comfort them. That explains why, after the debate, a German Shepard humped Rand Paul’s leg.

There was an awkward moment before the debate when the GOP candidates were told there would be a moderator, Trump said; “Why does there have to be a damn Mexican bull fighter?”

The debate could have gotten ugly. Chris Christie was going to accuse Donald Trump of having that thing on his head being from a dead lion’s mane.