Friday, July 24, 2015

The band “One Direction” has been together for five years. You can tell, their latest song is titled; “Do You Have To Hit Your Teeth With The Spoon When You Eat Cereal?”

New financial disclosures reveal Donald Trump gets about $200-a-year in book royalties.  His books are not doing well. Especially Trump’s book about his hair; 

“50 Shades of Hay.”

Since you asked:

When are people going to get it with Donald Trump, Bill Cosby, Rev. Al Sharpton, Paris Hilton, NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell, filmmaker, Michael Moore, O.J. Simpson, Feminist attorney, Gloria Allred, Rush Limbaugh and yes, Caitlyn (Nee Bruce) Jenner and Kris Jenner?

It’s not that they’re conservative or liberal, or black or white, democrat or republican, celebrities, powerful, or rich and famous, male or female.

It’s that they are fame-whore assholes.