Thursday, July 23, 2015

Donald Trump arrived in Laredo, Texas wearing a white baseball cap that said; “Make America Great Again.” A good place to start would be getting rid of that ugly-ass hat.

Good news. The Twitter feud between Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj is over. “Thank goodness, we could not sleep at night,” said Iran and Israel.

Happy National Hot Dog Day. Our fat butts need a National Hot Dog Day like Donald Trump needs a lesson in self-promotion.

Disney announced they are building a theme park in China. It is a great way for the kids there to see the merchandise they made.

It is the perfect choice for Americans who like Disneyland but want to travel a lot farther, pay more and wait in longer lines.

There are bugs to be worked out. So as not to upset US visitors, their menu will have to drop the Dog Meat Pluto Burgers.

“Sharknado 3. Oh Hell No” is very popular on SyFy. Proof that if writing a movie script on meth works once, it will work three times.’