Saturday, July 25, 2015

Forget "Trump Your Cat"

Here is "Trump Your Wally" That thing on Wally's head is his buddy, Buddy

Hey, Slats and Nugs, any of you with publishing ties with magazines and such, listen up. I am currently about to finish; 

"The Bruce I Knew."

It is about 15 pages double-spaced, 3500 words on a one-of-a-kind Bruce Jenner story from 1976. (There will also be a 1,000 word version) 

Am I trying to capitalize on the Caitlyn mania? 

You bet.

But my story is unique. Really unique. In it, I disclose how I was Jenner's first and biggest fan from his tenth place finish in the Decathlon in Munich, to his win four years later in Montreal. 

And what happened when I met him a few days before he won gold.

As ABC used to say, it us up close and personal and, if I do say so, pretty damn insightful and funny.