Friday, July 17, 2015

My new comedy hero. One of comedy's ironies is her name has the word not in it. Tig Notaro. For someone who has a not in her name, she has no idea what it means. Tig Notaro cannot not. (Oh, I like that . . . ) 

After her moving speech at the Espy’s, Caitlyn Jenner was at the opening day at Del Mar Race track Thursday. Caitlyn had a hard time betting. She couldn’t decide between betting on the colt or the gelding. (Just a joke) 

The British Open in Scotland had a deluge at St. Andrews. It was so much rain, it washed Tiger Woods from a strip club into a bible study class.

President Obama visited a federal prison. It was double-duty for Obama, he became the first sitting president to visit a prison, plus he could say hi to a few congressmen.

Here is my other version of this:

President Obama became the first sitting president to visit a federal prison. Obama was surrounded by cut-throats, felons and thieves. Then he left Capital Hill and went to the Oklahoma prison.

Sunce youse askeded:

Watching the British Open and a thought occurred: There is youthful confidence, then there is; “I am going to wear white pants, after a night before of boozing and eating Scottish cuisine, while I walk eight miles and swing 100 times - 20 times as hard as I possibly can -  knowing TV cameras are filming close-ups of my butt when I bend over to putt, tee-up the ball and pick up the tee or ball” youthful confidence.

My childhood comedy idol, Bill Cosby, hasn 't just fallen. No, he hijacked an F-14 and augered into a petting zoo barn. 

Needless to say,  I have quite a void in my comedy hero/heroine category. 

But I think I just found my replacement. 

My brand new comedy heroine is Tig Notaro. (And no, I don't mean the stuff you inject into your eyeballs before you listen to Yanni) Now, I have always been a Tig fan. I was a fan before she did the stool pushing set on "Conan." Her delivery is so, well, ballsie. Sorry, but it is. 

That was right before every possible piece of poop hit every possible fan in her life.

You have to see the documentary "Tig" on Netflix to believe it. Talk about grace. Bravery. Class. Style. Sweet. Courageous. And, oh, by the way, funny as a motherf*cker.

Not to brag, which is what people say before they brag, but I have been a fan of Amy Schumer since her 2011 video on "Funny or Die" called "A Day in the Life of a Female Comedian." (Search for it on the "FOD" website. Tbey are funny about sharing things) 

Amy is what we in the comedy bidness (cough) like to call a 10-year overnight success. 

As great as Amy is, the other female comedians in that sketch are also awesome. The great Maria Bamford, Jackie Moynahan and Nikki Glaser. They are all  successful also, but they could use a lot more of that Amy-type love. Along with Natasha Leggero, and the talented members of "Garfunkle and Oats", Kate Micucci and Riki Lindhome, and hot/crazy Iliza Shlesinger, all these women have mad comedy/acting chops. They need to go from Dave Attell famous to Louis C.K. famous, like Amy. 

Throw in the once ubiquitous Chelsea Handler and Whitney Cummings, like soccer, in comedy the women are kicking the men's asses. 

But right now, Tig is my girl.