Thursday, July 16, 2015

At the British Open, Tiger Woods shot an 11-off-the-lead 76 for his opening round. How can Tiger be expected to play well in Scotland? There isn’t a Hooters or a Waffle House waitress in sight.  

Since you asked:

A word about Donald “Graveyard Dead” Trump being tied in the polls with Jeb Bush.

Yes, he is tied with Bush. At 15%. That means 85% polled do not give a flying pink-donut-dingus about either one of them. And the only reason even those few 15% picked Trump is they recognized his name because he is famous, like Bush. Yes, Trump is a famous douche-bag, but famous all the same.

One poll asked if they considered Trump a serious candidate. How many said yes? 1%. That is two percentage points less than a number you throw out.

This is how dead Donald Trump is. Ted Cruz announced he admired and respected Trump. That is politician for “I want your voters when you implode.” And Cruz’s Cuban refugee father was the very immigrant example Trump has insulted. Repeatedly.