Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The US Women’s team advanced in the World Cup from the so-called group of death. But, with poor play from Sweden, it turned out to be more of a group of cough-due-to-cold.

Donald Trump announced he is running for president, most political experts say Trump has no chance, but one believes Trump is one more spray-tan session away from being president of the NAACP.

Donald Trump announced he is running for president and he posted his net worth at $9 billion. Financial experts say Trump’s estimates are inflated. In fact he took assets from one side and sweeped them over to cover a liability in the middle.

Donald Trump announced he is running for president. And lucky for Trump, I just got finished writing his campaign slogan; 

“Tired of politicians? Combover to Trump.”

Heavily spray-tanned Rachel Dolezal, resigned from the NAACP, she said she was black, but she is white. She was going to write a book about this, but the title “Orange is the New Black” is already taken.

Rachel Dolezal the woman whose parents are white and she says she is black, was in a sex tape. This nut job is starting to make the Kardashians look good. 

Congratulations to the Golden State Warriors for winning the NBA Championship over the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Golden State fans are going to celebrate as soon as they figure out where Golden State is.

A county in Virginia is going to fine everyone $250 if they use profanity in public. In a related story, Dick Asswipe is moving from Virginia.

Congratulations to the Chicago Blackhawks on winning the Stanley Cup. They attribute their success to the fact they have always identified with being Blackhawks.

There is no better tribute to the tough, winter sport of hockey than a team winning the Championship in the second half of June to a team from Tampa Bay, Florida.