Tuesday, April 21, 2015

See that my good friend, Andres DuBu, at Conesky had a meltdown on Twitter. Teach him to block me. How long before they announce he is in rehab?

The “Academy Country Music Awards” gave the Milestone award to Taylor Swift. Security was able to keep Kanye West from storming the stage to say it should have gone to Beyonce.

In Finland, divers found 168 bottles of champagne that are 170-years-old. They are bottles of Chateau De Larry King.

A group of Nevada prostitutes are supporting Hillary Clinton as “Hookers for Hillary.” Upon hearing this, Bill Clinton said; “I better get over there and see if they are legit.”

Today is 4/21. The day real stoners celebrate 4/20 because they were too stoned yesterday to remember it.

A group of Nevada prostitutes support Hillary Clinton as “Hookers for Hillary.” Now all the other campaigns are following suit:

There are “Floozies for Ted Cruz-y.”

“Rand Paul’s Women On Call”

“Mike Huckabee’s Women Who Don’t $uck For Free,”

And Jeb Bush has, well, “Jeb’s Bush.”

Yes, I still believe ESPN should fire Britt McHenry.

Working as a broadcaster for ESPN is one of those dream jobs, like being a recording star, a movie or TV star, an NFL, NBA, or MLB player. It is one of those jobs where everyone in your family and all of your friends take pride in knowing somebody who has that job.

These high-profile jobs are a privilege, not a right. When someone’s bad behavior damages the image of any of those iconic institutions, they must be fired immediately.

In addition, firing McHenry would send a message to all those duck-faced-selfie taking spoiled brats out there that rude behavior has consequences. 

If firing McHenry keeps one Cooper, or Dylan, or Bailey, or Tyler, or Teegan, or Topher or Skylar, or Ryan from bitching at a waiter, than it will be worth it.

Besides, how hard can it be to replace a Britt McHenry? You can throw a Frisbee anywhere at my beloved UCSB and hit three women smarter and prettier than Britt McHenry.

How people respond to this Britt McHenry case says a lot about them. As a former waiter, this hit a nerve. Most of the people I waited on were wonderful. But all it takes is one bitter, frustrated small-minded soulless tool bent on torturing a service provider for fun to ruin your entire month.

Oh, and I love how Britt throws around her Masters of Journalism degree from Northwestern. All of Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management programs are impeccable. Including the Nonprofit Management Department my mother worked for.

But there are diploma mills at Northwestern, and the Midell School of Journalism is one of them. Recently they were cited for double dipping. They took tuition from the students and a payment from the companies they provided interns.

Like other big time college Masters program diploma mills, the Midell School of Journalism is a scam. The company writes-off the tuition, the college makes a ton of money, and the employee/students get a Masters degree from a famous institution for little or no effort.

So much for Britt’s advanced journalism degree.

Of course, we all hate tow-truck companies. They are scum and pirates with no conscience. End of story.

But the people who defend Britt McHenry are the people who think a nice car and good job and an expensive hairstyle are good enough excuses to abuse an employee who you’ll never see again. Even if they work for leeches like towing companies. Or Red Robin.

The true measure of a person is how well they treat people who cannot benefit them. Going by that barometer, Britt McHenry and her defenders fall way short.

With felons like Michael Irvin and Warren Sapp on their payroll, ESPN needs to shore up its image. And firing that entitled nightmare, Britt McHenry, would be a good start.