Monday, April 20, 2015

Snatch it back and hold it, baby, one more time, Torn Slatterns and Nugget Ranchers 

A new study claims the more online porn a person watches the shorter their attention span. Or something like that, I didn’t read it all.

In Iraq, a class of 21 ISIS suicide bombers accidentally blew themselves up. Talk about your quick learners.

A study claims the funnier a guy is the more orgasms he gives his women. Finally, something going right for Kevin Hart.

A group of prostitutes in Nevada support Hillary Clinton as “The Hookers for Hillary.” Hookers and politicians. One is a group of lost souls who will do anything for money, the others are prostitutes.

“Hookers for Hillary.” You won’t believe the name of the hookers who support Jeb Bush.

A group of prostitutes in Nevada support Hillary Clinton, “The Hookers for Hillary.” There was an awkward moment when Hillary asked how she can repay them for their support, they said; “We’ll put it on Bill’s tab.”

The “Academy Country Music Awards” were last night. There was an unconformable moment when Madonna came on stage and French kissed Lyle Lovett.

In Washington State, a truck carrying 14 million bees flipped on the highway. Authorities are checking to see if this is an insurance scam. That’s right, it could be a sting operation.

35-year-old, Rachel Lehnardt, of Georgia, has been arrested for throwing an alcohol and marijuana–fueled naked twister and sex party for her 16-year-old daughter. Today Florida named her Mother-of-the-Year.

Since you asked:

Marathon-watched “DAREDEVIL” last night. It is good. Dark, but good. Once you stop fighting the premise a blind guy could be a crime-fighting superhero, it scoots right along with a great cast and some truly snappy writing.

Here is my deep question: Is it Dare Devil or Dared Evil? Huh? Huh? Sometimes I scare myself with my depth.