Monday, September 29, 2014

In their 24-17 loss to the Lions, New York Jets QB, Geno Smith, was filmed telling Jet-fan-hecklers “Eff you.” The Jets are the football equivalent of the drunk passengers on the flight to Las Vegas repeatedly yelling; “Woo hoo.”

Since you asked:
By no means am I a Yankee fan. Do not hate the Yankees with the white-hot intensity of a thousand suns, like I do the Mets, but I am not a fan.
But I get the whole Derek Jeter thing. There is something special about Yankee icons like Ruth, Gehrig, Berra and Mantle. And, yes, even that huge douche-bag, DiMaggio. 
Jeter is one of those special, classy Yankee icons and is deserving of all the fuss. And that is a lot of fuss.
Derek Jeter has been sticking out as a beacon of class thanks, in part, to the reverse barometer of class, Alex Rodriguez. A-Rod never missed a chance to blow all the good will heaped on a star Yankee.
Yes, the Bears lost big to the Packers. Ran into a smoking hot Aaron Rodgers. But the referees inept, grimy fingerprints were greased-up and smudged all over that game. The Bears lost two touchdowns to the blown calls, but probably so did the Packers.
This loss will really distinguish the valid critics from the Jay Cutler haters. Cutler was awesome except for a couple mistakes the Packers intercepted. Plus Cutler threw a key block, he ran down a turnover and he did not pout  - ala the Mannings – and eye-hump his receiver, Brandon Marshall, when he ran the wrong route causing a pick.

Although I am glad they did, I hate Ben “Rapistberger” Roethlisberger, the fact the Buccaneers beat the Steelers is an indication who silly parity is now in the NFL. The new “skirts on the receivers” rule is causing teams to regularly rack up over 100 yards of penalties.
The Packer-Bear game and the Saints-Cowboys game both started out as a contest of who can score first.

Still don’t think these new rules are killing the running game? Of the top six rushers this weekend, there were a total of two, count them, two touchdowns. And Cowboy DeMarcus Murray had both. Andrew Luck had double the touchdown total of all six top running backs. Only four backs broke 100 yards. 
That thud you heard? Me jumping on the San Francisco Giants’ bandwagon for the playoffs. That Hunter Pence is awesome. And the Giant fans I know are, to a person, loyal and knowledgeable. Like Cubs fans, but without the need for Zoloft.
My new Hunter Pence sign:
“Hunter Pence over-pronounces the H in “Wheat Thins.”
Marathon “New Girl” session and, ermergherd, Olivia Munn may actually be too hot. The cast of “NG” plus guest spots from David Walton and Munn. Might be the best sitcom cast ever.
"Jar, Schmidt, jar."
Speaking of great casts, I dare anyone to name a movie with a better cast in a god-awful movie than “Neighbors.” Nobody in it who isn’t pretty great, including a cameo from Natasha Leggero. Talk about a movie where all of the highlights are in the promos/commercials.
At some point you can actually imagine the writers, stoned-out and or coked-up to the bejesus belt, engaged in a gross-out contest and writing it all down on the “Neighbors” script.
That noise you hear is Chris Pratt flying past Seth Rogan on the Hollywood dude A-list. Rogan better hope Apatow has another “Knocked Up” up his sleeve. Soon. 
The new “SNL” “Weekend Update” format and writing and performances were just plain weird. Except for that really young dude, Pete Davidson. He knocked it out the yard.
Saw “No Way Out” and it is awesome how it does not hold up to time. The theme song and the limo sex-scene are cringingly Eighties. "Rock the Casbah" Eighties. 
Cannot believe, in my ignorant youth, I once thought Sean Young was smokin’ hot in this thing. She was so annoying, I could hardly wait for her character to bite it.
In response to an undeveloped Poloraid, Young's character says;
"It looks like a baboon in a closet at midnight."
Then, when they start trying developing it for evidence, guess what sample picture, is on the computer screen? A baboon. Wow. 
And whatever happened to Iman? As an actress, she makes a tremendous mannequin.
The “NWO” plot, on the other hand, is good and Hackman, Costner and especially Will Patton, are great. Hard to believe that pre-digital-security cameras and no cell phones allowed these types of scandals to be covered up so recently.
That movie, "No Way Out" would be ten minutes long now.

“Here is the security footage of you parking your car outside her apartment before the time of death, and then leaving right after it.”