Friday, September 26, 2014

The NFL has officially divided itself into two categories this season: those who have a chance to make the playoffs and those who have no chance. Even last place teams, like the 1-2 Packers and 1-2 Forty Niners, have a good chance to make the playoffs.
There are no great teams. The closest thing to a great team is the Seahawks at home.

We can now add the Redskins to the list of bad teams along with the Buccaneers, Raiders and Jaguars. Dolphins, Jets and Browns are just a few injuries away from being awful.

The Chargers could be 3-0 and they are reeling from injuries and, besides a few superstars in Rivers, Floyd and Gates, the Chargers are just OK.  

Something makes me think I am worried about the psyche of the Forty Niners young stud QB, Colin Kaepernick. Seems rattled. 

Seriously, I am trying to muster-up some concern for our Ryder Cup golf team, but I can’t help but keep worrying about our Davis Cup tennis team. Does anyone know when the Davis Cup ends? Does it end?

“My Fantasy Ryder Cup team did well today,” said the whitest human being on the planet.