Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Nike announced it was cutting ties with former Raven, Ray Rice. Nike, however, will remain sponsors of many-time domestic-violence- charged boxer, Floyd Mayweather Jr., and two-time sexual- assault- charged QB, Ben Roethlisberger, until such time as there exists video evidence of either of them knocking a woman out.

Is the NFL and Nike seriously trying to get us to believe they saw the Ray Rice elevator video when you and I did? Please. Do not pee on my foot and tell me it is raining. 

  There Is No Excuse For A Man To Hit a Woman

Since you asked:
Nobody needs a reason to hate the Dallas Cowboys, that is how easy to hate they are, but if you need two reasons here they are: Jerry Jones and they call themselves America’s team.
For me it goes back to when “North Dallas Forty” exposed coach, Tom Landry and GM, Tex Schramm and owner, Clint Murchison Jr., as the hypocrites they were. But then along came Troy Aikman, Michael Irvin, Deon Sanders and Jimmy Johnson and, along with Jones, the egomaniacal/a-hole factor in Dallas was shot through the roof.
And then, the most loathsome, sleazy, cheater in the history of football, Barry Switzer. 
Dallas Cowboy fans have always taken a perverse pride in their reputation of being loud, crass, tacky, drunk buffoons  The organization seems to buy right into that image.
How about the multitude of Forty Niner fans in Cowboy Stadium? Talk about two opposite clubs. Forty Niners fans ownership and leadership is all style, class and quality.
Remember when Troy Aikman said LaDanian Tomlinson might be the next Emmitt Smith, but Drew Brees will never come close to being the next Troy Aikman? Turns out Aikman was right, Brees is way better than Aikman was. Aikman just had more tools. 
But today even the Cowboys own players, most notably Dez Bryant and Tony Romo, don’t seem to like the Cowboys. Saying Romo and Bryant played half-ass Sunday is an insult to all those people born with only half an ass.
But the real deal-sealer for hating the Cowboys for me occurred at a bar in O’Hare airport. This pompous, snotty and rude hardware store couple from Indiana – not even from Texas - told everyone in the bar who would listen how they spent $500,000 on their Cowboy season tickets. 
They were wearing matching Tony Romo jerseys signed by Jerry Jones. If you want to try and imagine the most repugnant, tacky, loud, self-absorbed, shallow, a-hole couple you have ever met? It was these two.

How bad were they? They could give Kris and Bruce Jenner a run for their money.