Tuesday, September 09, 2014

There is a pink Ray Rice #27 jersey available online. It is right next to the Michael Vick line of dog care products.

Elevator security video shows Baltimore Raven’s Ray Rice punching out his then-fiancé. Every team has players serving suspensions for crimes or illegal drugs, even the Indianapolis Colts’ owner, Jim Irsay, is suspended for a DUI. When did the NFL stand for Nefarious Felons Loose?

So why are the referees the ones in the NFL who wear stripes?

P.S. Has Nike pulled their endorsement deal with Ray Rice? Any statements of condemnation? No, they just quietly slinked Rice's jersey off their website. 

For a league that spends hours pouring over video of players to detect the slightest dress code violations, you will never convince me the NFL did not see the elevator video of Ray Rice clocking his fiancé. Nike, I am sure, saw it as well. Nike and the NFL may be a lot of things, but stupid and uninformed are not two of them.