Monday, September 22, 2014

King Abdullah II of Jordan said ISIS pays foreign fighters $1,000 a month. Of course they take a cut off the top. 

In New York, thousands marched against global warming today including actor Leonardo DiCaprio. Leonardo left his yacht in his helicopter to fly in his private jet and then climbed into a limo to make it just in time to the global warming march.

Since you asked:
Just watched a commercial, injuries and penalty fest the NFL calls a football game. Pretty sure I saw more of Matthew McConaughey than I did of Phillip Rivers.  Positive I saw more of the Geico lizard than I did the entire game. Not sure how this is even possible, but I could swear I saw a commercial inside of a commercial.
We are not seeing any teams emerge as great, but we are seeing teams emerge as horrible. Vikings, Bucs, Jags, Titans. Who had the Pack 1-2? The Niners 1-2?
Chargers could be 3-0. And they have a string of NFL chumps now on their schedule. Could go 6-1. Rivers is the real deal.
The powers that be at the NFL need to sit down and watch a good college game, the penalties, the commercials, the flow of the game, and then change everything in the NFL that isn’t like that game.
Here are some things the NFL needs to do, and they need to do it right now:
Any domestic violence convictions and you’re out of the league for life. Death sentence.
Loosen up the new, annoying ticky-tack pass interference rules.
Add a modicum of common sense to the hands-in-the-face rule.
Fire analysts Ray Lewis and Michael Irvin.  They are idiots and they make the NFL look like idiots .
Loosen up on touchdown celebrations. Allow one a game for both teams.
Stop taking time to announce denied or off-setting penalties.
Stop taking time to measure first downs, put a GPS chip in the ball.
Speed up the review process.
Loosen up on holding calls away from the ball.

Play cool music to slow-motion instant replays.

Pull out the long, barbwire covered, thorny stick that is up Roger Goodell's butt. 

(OK, that last one got away from me just a bit . . . )