Tuesday, June 03, 2014

People are critical of President Obama’s trade for alleged deserter, Bowe Bergdahl, for five Taliban members. (Some say the trade is so bad, the Chicago Cubs want in on it) Not to worry, the trade includes two future draft picks and five drones to be named later.

For the World Cup in Brazil, Mexican coach, Miguel Herrera, has forbidden his team to eat red meat, drink, have sex or go to the beach. Upon hearing this, David Beckham announced he has quit the Mexican team, and he isn’t even on it.
Which is rough because the only reasons to go to Brazil are to eat red meat, drink, have sex and go to the beach.

Hall of Fame QB, Dan Marino, is suing the NFL over his concussions. Marino first suspected he had problems when he picked the Miami Dolphins to go to the playoffs.

Google Glass is getting a make-over from a designer eye-wear maker. Now when you wear the Google Glass you will go from looking like a nerd who won’t get laid to looking like a geek who won’t get laid.

Apple has a new feature that will monitor your health and nutrition on your iPhone. And every month, when you pay the bill, Verizon effectively gives you a rectal exam.