Thursday, February 27, 2014

19-year-old top Baltimore Orioles prospect, Josh Hart, was introduced to Hall-of-Famer, Frank Robinson, by his manager, Buck Showalter. Showalter later asked Hart if he knew who Robinson was. When Hart did not, Showalter asked Hart to write a one page research paper on the legendary Robinson. Hart did. 

This is not without precedent. New York Yankees manager, Joe Torre, asked Alex Rodriguez to research Babe Ruth. A-Rod delivered a scrap of paper, scribbled in crayon were the words:
“He waz a kandy barr.”

This last A-Rod part, of course, is not true, but you have to admit you wish it was.

Taco Bell has launched a new breakfast menu that includes a waffle taco and a taco filled with bacon; in a related story, clearly al Qaeda has taken over Taco Bell in a blatant attempt to kill all Americans.