Monday, February 24, 2014

If you can laugh at yourself, you're guaranteed a lifetime of comedy material. 



Jason Collins was signed by the Brooklyn Nets and is the first gay player in the NBA; Collins is openly gay, but now he is with the Nets, he won’t ever be open again.

As if diarrhea wasn’t bad enough, every time I get it, it reminds me what a lousy speller I am…
It is being reported that, for the first time ever, Fox will lose money on “American Idol.” I for one am not surprised. A few months ago, I was singing in the shower and they sent me to Hollywood.

Since you asked:
In keeping with the theory you can never be too thorough, I just perused the swimsuit edition of “Sports Illustrated” again. These girls – and I mean girls, they are young – are stunning. Some of the women on the cover will have to undergo medical procedures to rid themselves of their wedgies.

No lie, although I didn’t really measure it, I bet at least half of the magazine consists of ads. 50%. And just once I would like to write some of the copy. It would feature a lot of; 
“Flankers stinker shackie stinky flacky wanker schnappy,” that nobody would notice.

To be candid, I'm not often right, so when I am right I gots to bloweds my ownliest horn (that didn't sound right)

Remember how I said the six stars of "Perfect Couples" were all awesome? Well, one of the most awesomliest of the awesomers is David "Goodnight, John-Boy (harmonica tweet)" Walton who now stars in "About a Boy."  

Just saw "About a Boy" and it is right cute. And not right cute in that Southern, passive aggressive understated insult kind of way. It is right cute. Minny Driver is intense but great. The kid, Benjamin Stockman, is wonderful. And, as usual, Walton knocks it out the yard. 

One of the opening scenes starts with Walton cranking the vibe and grilling some steaks and blasting tunes. It's like he is me, if I was younger, thinner, better looking, funnier, more talented  . . . look, the point is, what's not to love? 

Is it a little corny in a "Ahh, the kid loves the kind-hearted jamoke" way? Sure. Predictable in that men-are-pigs, women-are-a-pain-in-the-ass kind of way? Most def. 

Walton is amazing at his ability to be as goofy as the day is long and still be cool. Not many can pull that off.