Monday, July 08, 2013

Look out everybody . . .

Do not over-think the chone-edge, Torn Slatterns and Nugget Ranchers

Congratulations to Andy Murray who became the first male Brit to win Wimbledon in 77-years; there was a controversy when Murray almost forgot to hug his mother. Or as that controversy is known in the NFL: he didn’t kill anybody.

A Texas man, Cirilo Castillo, has been arrested for the second time in three months for having sex with the same horse. People are really upset about this; when it comes to having sex with horses there are a lot of neigh-sayers.

Congratulations to Andy Murray who became the first Brit to win Wimbledon in 77-years; or as the Chicago Cubs call that: recently. 

Chicago Blackhawks coach, Joel Quenevelle, brought the Stanley Cup Trophy to a Chicago Cubs game; when they brought out the championship trophy, there was an awkward moment when the Cubs fans asked “What’s a championship trophy?”

Sadly, George Clooney and his girlfriend Stacy Kiebler have broken up; for those who are excited about this, log on to the website “Trust me, you have no”

A New Hampshire state representative is in trouble for sending an e-mail where he referred to women as Vaginas. You gotta admit, if there is anyone who knows about Vaginas, it’s a Douche Bag.

Since you asked:

The beach culture in San Diego is endlessly fascinating to me. Knew it was there when I windsurfed, but didn't really start to get it until I started Stand Up Paddle Board Surfing and my daughter went to a lifeguard camp in Solana Beach. 

The beach culture incorporates an entire societal sub-culture that combines sports, its own lingo, music, art, education and a surprising amount of mystical spiritualism and environmentalism.

The Gidget "Beach Blanket Bingo" movies were on the right track, but took a wrong turn at being super hammy/corny. Plus they confused Hawaiian aspects.  

Most surfers are pretty thoughtful and soulful. Yes, there is a 15% that are tatted-up and drugged-out stupid confrontational/territorial douche bags  (knocked one with full sleeves tats off his board - OK, I fell too - at La Jolla Shores on Sunday, when he saw how much bigger I was then he, he backed right down. Not as dumb as he looked) 

Because the beach culture virtually ignores wealth hierarchy - the 50-year-old cool guy lifeguard is far more respected than a guy who parades around in his yacht - it tends to draw a few too many alcoholics and drug addict losers mistakenly thinking being on the societal fringe allows them to fit in with the beach culture.

Although not judgmental about wealth, beach culture knows losers when they see one. 

When I lived near the beach on Lake Michigan, we loved the beach, we worshiped the beach, he spent all of our time at the beach. But, outside of a few lifeguards and sailing enthusiasts, there wasn't a beach culture. 

It continues to be a disappointment to me how hostile some surfers are to Stand Up Paddle boarders, but mostly I don't give a damn. Being on a stand up board allows me to travel freely away from those idiots. 

Like I said, 90% of beach folk and surfers are cool folks looking to have fun, pet some dogs,   throw some frisbees, grill some meat, drink some cocktails, make some jokes, dance, sing, catch some rides and make friends.