Monday, October 15, 2012

Anthony Vela Stand Up Paddle Elite Racer

Just saw "Legends of Laurel Canyon" so you don't have to. You're welcome.

Mostly just a fluff piece on who lived where. Stayed away from the entire drugs and sex scene, although several of the in-crowd said the nudity at parties was much more of a hippy/Zen yoga thing than an orgy. 

Didn't realize the band "Love" was so influential especially to Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. And Frank Zappa was considered a genius/god to the musicians. You could really sense a stance between the Artist musicians versus the solidification of everything in music they considered evil: The Monkees.

Many bands, including the Doors to an extent, took such a strong stance against selling out they ruined their careers.  The band Love being a good example. 

The real cocaine and orgy crowd was a very exclusive and small crowd. They could fit into one big party house at a time and they did a few weeks before Manson tried to have them all killed. Steve McQueen, Warren Beatty - although Beatty didn't do drugs - Stephen Stills, David Crosby, John Phillips, Mick Jagger. The woman in this crowd were Bridget Bardot, Jane Fonda, Candice Bergman, and Sharon Tate.

The genius of this movable orgy was being able to convince beautiful women that having sex with lots of different people was cool. 

Even then many of the players drew the line, some did drugs but didn't cheat on their wives/girlfriends, others, like Beatty, just hung for the sex. Keith Richards never cheated on his girlfriend/wife at all. Neither did Clapton. 

Some of the Laurel Canyon four-tool-guy players - sex, coke, acid, booze - were McQueen, Browne, Stills, Phillips, Dolenz, Crosby, Jagger, Jimmy Page to name a few. 

The other thing that stuck out was that, to a person, they all didn't think they were experiencing such a revolutionary scene at the time. If you're at a party in Laurel Canyon where John Lennon strolls in and jams with Eric Clapton with Brian Wilson on the piano, so be it. Looking back on it makes it a much bigger deal.

Monkee Mickey Dolenze was a key figure at this scene and actually taped some of these jams and he refuses to let them go public. Why? Because they weren't any good. Even if they are legendary rock and roll figures, a bunch of effed-up guys making up songs at a party sucks. 

The Byrds and Bachman, Turner Overdrive wrote a song about picking up a used guitar, take some time and learn how to play, chances are you'll go far. 

Yes and no. 

Many amazingly talented bands did not take off. Love, Grass Roots, the Flying Burrito Brothers and to less of an extent, Poco.