Tuesday, August 14, 2012

 This right here might be our type of breed puppy. Odds on choice of name so far is Morgan.

Man it is hot. I am sweating like Hope Solo waiting for the results of her post-Olympic pregnancy test. 

In her book, "Hope", US goalie, Hope Solo, admitted she snuck a male celebrity guest into her Olympic village room. While there apparently they worked on a late night shots-on-goal drill. 

You know what Olympic sport I miss? The Equestrian events. Like that one time when that really rich white guy beat that filthy rich white guy. That was exciting. 

Great Olympics, Nike. If nothing else at least you can take pride in knowing you sponsored the greatest Olympic sprinter of all time. Huh? Wait. What? Usain Bolt is sponsored by Puma? Oops. Sorry. Go back to your serial ass-munching, you snotty, two-faced tools.  

It's now $200,000.