Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Look out, everybody, 'cause that is one surfin' daaaaawwwwwwg.

"New York Times" coward/hack Jere Longman is a useless piece of crap. That is all.

Man, it is hot. I am sweating like Chinese swimmer, Ye Shiwen, peeing into a cup.  

Randy Travis arrested for drunk driving and resisting arrested after crashing his Pontiac Trans Am naked. That is a country song that writes itself. 

Well, we all deal with the heat in our own way.  

Crashing a car while driving naked. There is no faster way to reduce a car's resale value. 

Despite it being the 40th anniversary of the slain Israeli Olympic athletes, the I.O.C. refuses to acknowledge it. Does the I.O.C stand for International Olympic Committee or Idiots Obviously Classless?