Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Man, is it hot. I am sweating like Todd Akin at an Indigo Girls concert. 

Roger Clemens's pitching comeback at 50 is not going well; every time a batter steps to the plate he yells;

"You punk, get off my lawn."

Is it just me, or do Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan look like the guys at the gym spotting each other on the bench press while checking out their hair in the mirror too much?

Paul Ryan is amazingly fit. Once, while campaigning in New Jersey, he ran fifteen laps around Gov. Chris Christie. 

Partial list of nicknames for Wrigley Telluride Kaseberg:

Mister Wrigley

Wrigley T.

The Wrigger Digger Dawg

Mister Moose

Hound Doggy

His Nibs

Big Boy

No-nuts hassin' dawg

Cuddle Bunny



Sir Scrounge Around Hound

The Whinerriemer

A Cuss

Puppy Paws Batterer

Mister Tummy Rubbins

Da' Bidness Dawg

Fuss Budget


Snooze Hound

Lazy Bones

Up and at 'em dawg

The Talker

Mister Frumpus


Da' Knuckleheadiest Dawg

No Sense Hasin' Dawg

Shameless Mamas Boy

'Dis here dawg

Spoiled-rotten Dawg

Schweat Pea

Mister Boo-hairs

We miss you something awful

Oh, the "Dick Move By a Prius Driver" Contest may be over. At least this will be hard to beat.

On our lovely trip to Santa Barbara we did not encounter one hostile gesture or move neither by drivers nor pedestrians. Everybody is very friendly.

Then a Prius driver hit a slow-walking fat guy in the street. The guy was OK, but then the Prius driver yelled at him for not watching where he was going.