Monday, May 21, 2012

This is what a sweet, but sad dog looks like. Our Wrigley.

The Obama administration has ordered unilateral laws to stop prison rape; finally some good news for John Edwards

Former President Bush went out on a limb and predicted the campaign will come down to election day. Wow, next thing you know he’ll go crazy and predict the winner will be the guy with the most votes

The trial of John Edwards is going to the jury. In these polarizing political times it is nice when we, as a nation, can coalesce on a topic: send that sleaze bag John Edwards to federal pound-the-new-guy’s butt prison.

A new study claims people who eat more organic food may be more arrogant and snotty. “That is silly, Vegans are such fun and easy-going people,” said nobody.

In a somewhat shocking move, Joshua Ledet was voted off “American Idol.” Phillip Phillips is still on, or as we dyslexics call him: Phillips Phillip. So nice they named him twice.

Since you asked:
Make no mistake, I make a lot of mistakes. It is my fault we have been shackled with rap and Madonna for thirty years because that is when I said neither one will ever last.

But I don’t think I’ve ever been as wrong as I have been about how much our dog Wrigley loved our recently-passed Kasey. Wrigley is so pig-headed I thought he would adjust to and like being the only dog.

We didn’t let Wrigley see Kasey when she passed and that was a major mistake. Dogs, as it turns out, need closure too.

For two solid weeks after Kasey passed, Wrigley searched all over for her, that was how sure he was she would show up. From the second he woke up to when he went to bed, he was looking for Miss monkey pants Kasey.

Then one day he stopped looking.

He lay down and he looked ill. His eyes, mouth, tail and ears were all drooping with sorrow.

Everyday around three he sits facing Kasey’s outdoor cot and cries/yelps for her with genuine tears staining his cheeks/muzzle. He seems certain if he keeps it up, Kasey will find her way back home.

Imagine if your mother, beloved sister, best and only friend were to suddenly disappear. That is what happened to our big boy, Wrigley.

Although he doesn’t have a mean bone in his body, Wrigley did not like it when we petted Kasey. He would stick his nose to move your hand away. We thought it was because he was jealous of Kasey.

Nope. He didn’t like us petting on his Kasey. He was jealous of us. He didn’t want us touching his Mom/sister.

We have tried everything we know to help Wrigley. He is a total indoor dog now. He cannot stand to be alone for more than a couple of hours. We, all three of us, take him on multiple walks. We cuddle with him a lot.

If someone had told me a year ago that a dog could get so depressed, I would have made the universal finger-twirling gesture for crazy. Same thing if you told me a dog could cry.

Now I know both are painfully true.

Wrigley turned ten this year. He has bad hip dysplasia in his right hip (As I write, Wrigley is lying on the spot where Kasey was put to sleep) 99.9% of me hopes Wrigley will be here with us this time next year.

.1 % of me hopes he is not, for his sake.