Tuesday, July 12, 2011

This is the poster of Julie Foudy AC has on her bedroom door

You can close your eyes, you can close your eyes, it’s all right, Torn Slatterns and Nugget Ranchers

During their brief visit to California, William and Kate went from playing polo in Santa Barbara to Skid Row in Los Angeles. Apparently they were on the M.C. Hammer tour. 

The US defeated Brazil in the women’s World Cup and now they will face France in the semi-final. That will be tough, the Americans only have three days to learn enough German to tell the French to surrender.

The incredible win over Brazil showed sexism is wrong, women are as strong, courageous and tough as anyone in sports. Plus our babes were way hotter than those Brazilian skanks.

New York Yankee star, Derek Jeter, hit a home run on his 3,000 hit; filthy rich, beyond talented, wildly successful and good looking. When is this poor Jeter guy going to catch a lucky break?

House Speaker, John Boehner, turned down President Barack Obama’s budget proposal; In a dramatic switch, Barack Obama was the one left red-faced and crying.

It has been hot, I was sweating like that FIFA ref watching a replay of her blown call.

The US beat Brazil in the women’s World Cup in Germany. The fans booed Brazil’s top player, Marta, as they should have. Marta flopped, cried, whined, moaned. The only way Marta could have been more annoying is if she sprayed herself orange and called herself Snooki.

Since you asked
Kudos to Julie Foudy for her great job announcing that awesome US win over Brazil. She was just like our team, positive and classy. While that Brit partner of hers, Ian Darke, was also quite good, he threw the towel in on us on several occasions. Foudy never did.

When the US was awarded three minutes of extra time at 120 minutes, “Loudy” said the team could still win, and she was right. In contrast to the flopping and whining Brazilians, our women maintained their composure, did not whine about the horrible calls and stayed positive.

By the way, thank you to Brazil’s Erika, if she hadn’t received a yellow for flopping, the ref would not have added the time we needed to win. She helped us win as much as their player, Daniela, who missed a PK and kicked in an own goal.

Here is the bet. My daughter attended Julie Foudy’s soccer camp one summer at UC San Diego. (Ann Caroline still has Julie’s poster on her front door – signed by Julie - and also wants to attend Stanford) At the camp, the other counselors goaded Julie into showing her chicken trot impersonation. It was dead spot-on and hilarious.

If the US defeats France, I say Julie Foudy has to go to midfield and do her chicken dance.

If France wins, Ian Darke has to pronounce controversy correctly.