Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What, me worry?

NBC is under severe criticism for airing Olympic ice dancing preliminaries instead of the US hockey upset over Canada. Give NBC a break, it’s not like they ever made a programing mistake before. Right Jay? Right Conan? Right “Joey”?

Since you asked:
The latest rumor from the "Chicago Sun-Times" is Nike is considering dumping Tiger Woods. Let’s put that in perspective; Nike stayed with Kobe Bryant during his rape trial; Nike stuck with Michael Vick during his conviction and prison term for dog fighting, and if Nike had sponsored OJ Simpson, my guess is there would still be a line of Nike Air Double Murderer shoes available in stores near you.

If there is even a hint of veracity to the Nike-dropping-Tiger rumors, noted author Dan Jenkins is right, Tiger’s image is, to use the Southern expression, graveyard dead.

When asked to comment about the dropping-Tiger-rumor, a Nike official issued a "No comment." That is the corporate equivalent of an NFL owner supporting his coach 110%. In other words, a death sentence.

Truth is, knowing Nike as the "We have never, ever made a mistake" self-righteous cult that it is, they probably won't fully drop Tiger. But I am sure they will slink off and cower away from featuring Tiger as their flagship athlete.

At Nike, like most sports-related organizations, loyalty to their athletes is absolutely The most important thing. Right until the split-second loyalty costs them money.